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NY Premier Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
Answer: All transactions with NY Premier Limousine take place on a secure server using SSL encryption technology to ensure your personal and payment details are protected. To verify that you are shopping in a secure environment, a padlock will appear in your browser. It is normally in the status bar, towards the right hand side, at the bottom of your browser window. Please note that if you're using an older browser, which doesn't support 128-bit encryption you may have trouble accessing our secure pages. To upgrade your browser, simply go to Microsoft (if using Internet Explorer) or Netscape (if using Netscape) Web sites, or your preferred browser, where you can upgrade your browser directly.

Question: Can I pay for someone else's booking using my credit card?
Answer: Yes. To prevent the unauthorized use of your credit card when the credit card is not physically present in the car we require Credit card Authorization Form to be completed and fax to us along with a clear photocopy of both sides of your credit card. Question:When will my credit card be charged?
Answer: NY Premier Limousine will charge your credit card after your trip has been completed. A deposit is required for some vehicles including stretch limousines for weddings and proms or buses.

Question: What is your cancellation policy?
Answer: We require two hours advance notice, otherwise we may charge a late-cancellation fee.

Question: For what time should I schedule a reservation with NY Premier Limousine for a pickup from the airport?
Answer: Please schedule your pickup for your flight’s estimated time of arrival.

Question: How long does it take to get through immigration and customs at JFK Airport or Newark airport?
Answer: You never know for sure how long it takes to get through immigration and customs at JFK Airport or Newark airport, first you'll have to clear immigration and depending on how many other international flights have arrived around the same time yours did, it could take just a few minutes or 2 hours. Entering the United State with US passport is faster then non-US passport. Then you will have to collect your luggage which also can take just a few minutes or can take 20-30 minutes depending on how quickly the baggage handlers get your luggage from the plane to the baggage carousels, then it will depend whether the customs officers wave you through or single you out for further inspection and search your luggage, which once again it can take a few minutes or can take another 15-20 minutes.

Question: Will NY Premier Limousine charge me for waiting time if my flight is delayed?
Answer: No! NY Premier Limousine will monitor your flight to make sure your driver will be there when the flight arrives.

Question: When does awaiting time charge apply for pickup at the airport?
Answer: NY Premier Limousine rarely charges for waiting time at the airport, because most passengers leave the airport within 30 minutes. We give passengers on a domestic flight 30 minutes free waiting time from the time the flight lands, and for international flights we give 45 minutes free waiting time from the time the flight lands. After the free waiting time we charge for waiting time in 15-minute increments. Waiting time charge is equal to vehicle hourly rate. For example, a luxury sedan hourly rate is $60, so for 15 minutes of waiting time the charge is $15.

Question: I anticipate I will be delayed going through immigration or clearing customs, and I want to avoid paying waiting time; can I schedule my airport pickup reservation with NY Premier Limousine to be picked up later then flight arrival time?
Answer: Yes, just select "Delayed Pickup" when booking your airport pickup. Delayed pickup was designed to provide passengers arriving on international flights with extra time to clear customs and immigration. When choosing “Delayed Pickup,” simply choose the amount of time you need. For example, if you select a 30 minutes delayed pickup, your driver will arrive to the airport 30 minutes after your flight arrives. Your free waiting time will start 30 minutes after your flight arrives. For non-US citizens arriving on international flights with checked luggage, we recommend 30 minutes delay pickup.

Question: Does NY Premier Limousine provide a baby seat?
Answer: Yes, requests for car seat should be submitted to NY Premier Limousine when booking your reservation. Read more about child passenger safety law in New York State»

Question: How much time should I allow for travelling to the airport?
Answer: The traffic flow between Manhattan to the airports is unpredictable. Please consult your airline and use common sense when booking your reservation. Add extra time for bad weather and during holidays. Average travel time to the New York City Area Airports:
From To Average Travel Time
Manhattan JFK airport 60 min
Manhattan EWr airport 60 min
Manhattan Lga airport 45 min

Question: Are you licensed and insured?
Answer: We are fully insured and licensed. We are licensed by York City Taxi & Limousine Commission.